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Save money and your environment

Do something good for your property and your environment by using recycled products for your home improvement projects. Feel great about the decisions that you’ve made for your home remodeling supplies.

  • Shingle waste

  • Road asphalt

  • Recycled siding material

  • Recycled roofing material

  • FREE estimate

  • Fully licensed and insured

Recycling products available

Everyone should try to play his or her part when it comes to taking care of the environment. You will be surprised at how much or how little of an effort is needed to give back to the environment.


We will work together to play our part and use recycled products for your home remodeling needs. We can recycle your old roof and make sure it gets put to great use, without harming the environment.

Put your old supply to good use

Dowden’s Home Improvement Save over 300 tons of landfill waste per year


Dispose of your old supply the right way

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